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These are simple comfy leggings for every day wear. Waistband is elastic-free for comfort. Choose between 3 different waistband styles. Triple needle cover stitch hem.

Size Chart/Fabric Guide

*As of 2/16/2019, Harmonic Threads has a new size chart.

If you have ordered with us previously, you may have a different size and will likely have a different fit.

Please measure yourself and check with the size chart!*


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Organic fleece leggings

ava on May 28th 2020

The fabric is a bit thick, I liked the older cotton stretch fleece that was warm but still lightweight. Low waist is probably the best option because with high waist it adds a bit of fluff around the middle, maybe the waist band can be changed for a non fleece stretch fabric. But super cozy and comfy, excellent layering piece in the colder months. I always trust the fit with Harmonic Threads and I love that they give you length options!


Kimberly on May 7th 2020

These are so good. They are soft and comfy but dont fall off while you're yogaing. I'm about 5'8 & I ordered a large with a 33 inseam. I love the option to pull them down over the heels. Have and will be ordering more pairs. Harmonic threads is slowly but surely taking over my wardrobe.


Erin on Oct 24th 2019

I hate pants and everything pants-adjacent, and only wear them out of necessity for colder weather. But these leggings! When I slid them on a light shone down from the sky and I heard the most beautiful singing. They fit perfectly and are unbelievably comfortable. I immediately ordered more!

Rainbows and sunshine!

Hayley DePriest on Sep 22nd 2019

I ordered these leggings in all the colors of the rainbow. I wear these with cute crop tops, under big comfy sweaters or layer with skirts and dresses. Perfect!

Cassandra on Sep 14th 2019

I’ve been wearing Harmonic Threads hemp leggings for a few years now and they are the best fitted leggings I have found. They are also the only quality hemp leggings I’ve found that are not absurdly over-priced. My last pair went strong for over two years, with very regular use. I recently needed to replace them, and was pleasantly surprised to see the quality improve even more! With the addition of the ankle hem (versus former version of a raw cut edge). Didn’t think I could possibly love them more... but I am now impressed yet again! I can always count on the perfect cut of leggings from Harmonic Threads. With my last order, I decided to try the regular cotton stretch for the brown color (which is always hard to find in leggings), in addition to ordering a pair in my standard hemp fabric choice. They are also a great fabric, but if you are used to the hemp version, and your size in hemp is a perfect fit, I would recommend sizing up to the next size in the regular cotton version. They don’t stretch in quite the same way as the hemp does. I’ll be ordering more in both fabric options and highly recommend them both! Excellent product, excellent service. Thanks again, Harmonic Threads!


Larissa DeGregorio on Sep 19th 2018

These are my new favorite pants. I cant stop wearing them and I need more colors.


Lenka on Sep 18th 2018

These leggings are amazing!! I ordered these because I spin fire and being handmade cotton they’re fire safe. They are perfect! I love that Sam asks for your inseam because having a 33” inside leg often means leggings are too short on me. These were perfectly made with a little bit of room to fold them over my feet if needed. The fabric is amazing and the fold over option on the waistband makes them so versatile and comfortable! Thank you!!

Favourite leggings ever!

Lenka on Sep 18th 2018

These are AMAZING. shipped to Australia in less two weeks, perfect quality, I love that san asked me my leg length so get the fit right as I have a 33” inside leg and leggings are often way too short. The fold over waistband addition to the waistband option is DIVINE and so comfortable. I spin fire so the fact they’re cotton and fire safe is the main reason I got these. I love them!!