Harmonic Threads was created by Olive Marie in 2011, and the Etsy was officially launched in January 2012 after first being sold under another name. Olive is a self taught seamstress since 2007. Harmonic Threads originally began as a one-woman costume shop for hoopers, but has since expanded into more than ever imagined! In the shop you will find soft, breathable, and stretchy garments that work for all types of movement, maternity, business casual, daily wear, and more! We offer an array of natural fiber fabrics including cotton, and organic hemp and bamboo.

All items are made to order in an effort to be more sustainable. 

Currently Harmonic Threads is a team of 5 highly experienced makers!

We all work together and sew all of our clothing in our private studio just outside of Detroit, Michigan. No mass production or sweatshops here!

Your order and support helps sustainability and helps to create jobs in a local economy. Thank you for your love!